The sitronic service offer

Electronic control and communication – sitronic’s key competencies lie in this the large field of expertise. Whether it concerns sensors, power electronics, or control devices, air conditioning or communication interfaces.

We develop and manufacture – always in close dialog with our clients. Forward-thinking, innovative, and always absolutely reliable. That is how we do our bit towards reducing CO², conserving fuel, and acting responsibly towards our environment.

Power electronics

Cooling, regulating, controlling – sitronic offers a broad service portfolio with optimized design.

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Capture and forward information in a fast and precise manner. Sensors from sitronic are extremely effective and are individually customized.

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Control devices

Everything you need at the push of a button. Control devices from sitronic are put to use in all sectors in which movement is automated.

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Air-conditioning control devices

Intelligent, easy-to-use sensors – air-conditioning control devices from sitronic achieve a lot, so the user has less to do.

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Communication interfaces

Information is only useful if it achieves its goal. Communication interfaces from Sitronic ensure communication takes place – rapidly and reliably.

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E²MS – Electronic Engineering & Manufacturing Services

Developed in close contact with the client up until the maturity phase before manufacturing and global distribution.

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Rapid Prototyping

Converting the current stage of a product’s development into a prototype – Sitronic takes care of this in less than 24 hours.

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