Dew point sensors and mist prevention sensors

Air-conditioning systems could not function without them: Sensors. sitronic dew-point and surface sensors consistently deliver all the information necessary for air-conditioning systems to work in a quick, precise manner. This makes for a consistently pleasant room temperature, saves a measurable amount of fuel, and reduces environmentally harmful CO² emissions. sitronic calibrates the functionality, size, and other properties of these sensors precisely in line with the customer-specific requirements for each of their vehicles.

  • Each of these sensors serves to automatically regulate air-conditioning systems.
  • Dew point sensors are fitted inside the air-conditioning system and ensure there is a pleasant interior temperature.
  • Windshield mist prevention sensors with minimal access to the windshield measure the windshield temperature and make sure that windshield misting is prevented by controlling the air-conditioning system accordingly.
  • The raw data (windshield temperature, dew point temperature, diagnosis, etc.) is transmitted using customer-specific interfaces. These sensors ensure a ’needs-based‘ control of the air-conditioning system. This saves a noticeable amount of fuel and reduces environmentally harmful CO².

Dew-point surface temperature sensor (TOS):

The humidity and dew point sensor from sitronic ensure that windshields are free from fog at all times. This increases safety and comfort and serves to improve the temperature inside the vehicle. Any fog on the windshield is recognized early, since the sensor is able to determine the dew point and the windshield temperature – information that makes it possible to adjust the air-conditioning system accordingly and in good time. The energy consumption of the HVAC is also reduced to an efficient minimum because redundant cooling and the subsequent re-heating of the air are no longer necessary.

  • Determines the dew point from the ambient humidity and air temperature measurements
  • Defines the dew point as a singular temperature value at which point the windshield fogs
  • Determined the windshield temperature
  • Recognizes fog on the windshield early
  • Optimum regulation of the air blown onto the windshield through the air-conditioning system
  • Increased comfort inside the vehicle
  • Air-conditioning system consumes energy more efficiently
Dew-point accuracy ±2°C to ±4°C, depending on humidity and air temperature
Operating temperature range -40°C to +85°C
Ambient humidity 0 to 100% relative humidity, non-condensing
Voltage range 9V to 16.5V, terminal 15 or terminal 30
Current consumption < 10 mA
Plug 3-pin, customer-specific on request
Interface LIN 2.1, customer-specific on request
Weight approx. 25 g
  • Humidity sensor: 2-point adjustment for highly precise humidity determination
  • Temperature sensor: Offset compensation
  • Data is stored in the non-volatile memory
  • Highly accurate in-house calibration

The following parameters essentially determine the accuracy of the sensor:

  • Performance of the selected sensor elements
  • Quality of the thermal contact with the windshield
  • Available installation room and resulting mechanical designs

sitronic is one of the most innovative companies in the automotive supplier industry in the field of sensor technology.

Highly accurate sensor calibration from a single source.

We would be happy to organize a meeting to discuss your specific requirements.


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