THT assembly and soldering

Exemplary lead-free soldering

sitronic relies on the latest soldering machines, which make it possible to adhere to legal directives and regulations at all times, particularly the RoHS Directive. At our Gärtringen facility, you can find the first automatic duplex soldering machine that was sold in Germany, the ‚Compact TMS‘ from the Swiss company EPM. This cutting-edge machine technology helps us manufacture products containing lead as well as lead-free products. The technology also enables us to switch from leaded to lead-free soldering processes in the blink of an eye.


  • EMP full duplex wave soldering machine
  • Process monitoring
  • Transponder-encoded soldering frames
  • Selective soldering systems

Technical details/highlights:

  • Dual processes
  • Process monitoring/factory data capture
  • Protective gas (full nitrogen)
  • Soldering frame management